The Q.R.R. Retreat

The sun settles in the sky.  There is nothing to hear except the gentle bubble of the infinity pool of the private villa.  Your day has been spent relaxing, sleeping, doodling, listening to your body, stretching, feeling the warmth of the sun on your usually tired body.


You feel calm, connected, quiet.  You are at peace in your mind and soul. 


Your morning was spent enjoying a delicious and nutritious leisurely breakfast, chatting and reflecting on life and thoughts. 

Following breakfast, your conversations continue.  The big stuff, the small stuff, the stuff that matters to you and swims in your head.    Working with Marina Pearson, best selling author, TED speaker and founder of The Joy of  

Being Podcast, you get to voice and share and reflect as an individual and as a group.  You end your discussions with Marina feeling peacful in your mind, you feel mentally rested. 


Then the space comes.  The quiet time.  There is no agenda.  For the first time in months, you have the space to reflect, sleep, and meander around the villa and pool.  There is no one else to feed.  No one else to clear up after.  Nothing on your to-do list. You feel freedom in your soul. This is where the magic begins to really happen.  

If you are a Mum who exists in a space of overwhelm, anxiety and mind chatter which leaves you paralysed and unclear of who you are, what you want and where you want to be or how you even got to where you are, then this is the space for you.

Join Marina and I in her beautiful home in Javea in Spain for 3 days of the most amazing thought coaching, incomparable relaxation and deep tp the core rest.

As a previous retreat attendee, the change I experienced whilst working with Marina was nothing short of extraordinary.  I leapt forwards in my recovery from depression which I had been struggling with for years, gained absolute clarity on my next steps and experienced true rest and recuperation in a safe and relaxing, not too mention beautiful space.


 For more information on this year's retreats, drop me an email via and I will put you in touch with Marina who will jump on a call with you to discover if this year's retreat could be right for you.

- Be brave, be curious, rediscover you -

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