Original Badass Mothers Racerback Tee

The Original loose cut Badass Mothers Racerback Tee - hangs so the Mum bumps dont show and who doesn't love a racerback?

Black with white print and a raspberry pink script

Also comes in white with black print and raspberry script

Fully machine washable

Available in size S, M, L

S = 8 - 10

M = 10-12

L = 14-16

To order please email Louise via hello@badassmothers.co.uk detailing the size you require.


MORE PRODUCTS COMING SOON!  We are currently designing more Badass products to add to the range for 2020 - watch this space and join the Facebook group for updates!

Did you know that Badass Mothers is a Social Enterprise? 


This means that a percentage of the profits from the products and services we sell are used to support Mums who are struggling with Post Natal Physical & Mental Health illness.

A percentage of the profit from sales of our goods and services is donated to The Braveface Trust.  The Braveface Trust supports and funds access to services and care pathways that Mums experiencing PND, PNA or physical prenatal or birth injury desperately need to accelerate towards recovery.


Services that are supported by The Braveface Trust aim to help Mums:


Connect - to other Mums and organisations that can help them in their recovery such as Counselling, Coaching and specialist Fitness and Nutritional Therapists.


Feel cared for & supported - The Trust pays for the setup and operational expenses of peer to peer support workshops and classes for Mums to attend to give them much needed care and support in safe environments to aid their recovery.


Get Active - The Trust assists Mums in accessing specialist postnatal fitness practitioners to aid recovery from PND, PNA and birth injury or trauma.  Appropriate exercise is the most underprescribed tool for treating mental health in the UK.

Rest & Rellax - The Trust provides access to relaxation workshops, events and retreats especially for Mums who need time out to rest, restore and reflect.  This quiet time is vital to aid restorative thinking, resting of the physical body, and quietening of the mind.

Educate & Heal - The Trust offers online and in-person courses for Mums to learn about their health and wellbeing as a Mum experiencing a mental health diagnosis or physical pregnancy or birth-related injury.

The Braveface Trust aims to help Mums get through some of the toughest times of their lives, helping them into recovery and be the Mum they want to be; an experience Mums deserve.

By purchasing a BAM product or service, you will be helping a Mum who is struggling to recover - thank you from the bottom of my heart.  That Mum was me so I know that the Mums who benefit from The Braveface Trust will also thank you too.






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